I'm Not Afraid Of Ghosts
Exhibition of TCollection, organised by Malevich.io

Curated by Svetlana Marich and Sarah McCrory

Palazzo Tiepolo Passi
Grand Canal, Venice

17 April – 22 September 2024
I’m Not Afraid Of Ghosts is an exhibition of 33 contemporary artists, including Shadi Al- Atallah, Cecily Brown, Heidi Bucher, Anne Collier, Marlene Dumas, William Eggleston, Jenny Holzer, Jadé Fadojutimi, Sanya Kantarovsky, Simone Leigh, Sally Mann, Sarah Lucas, Christina Quarles and Issy Wood.
Exploring parallels between cyclical histories and the female body, I’m Not Afraid Of Ghosts draws together a number of narratives which channel an acute feeling of contemporaneity – a moment in which we pay respect to our past and traditions, yet draw courage to make our own choices and look to the new. Accordingly, the exhibition is characterized by the desire to shape new values that come with new times. Values where, through care and mutual respect, we transcend our differences, acknowledging the specter of history as we shape a collective, multifaceted path forward.

Women take center stage in this exhibition, and as always occupy multiple roles: mother, caregiver, friend, ally, confidant, and adversary. Figuration and abstraction become a site of resistance and defiance by tapping into the ambiguity and complexity of human relationships, experiences, and emotions. The works act as a testament to the power of choice in determining one’s own reality. Expressions of love and lust, violence and play, reality and fantasy, are depicted in subjective and uncertain scenarios, which together reinforce the need to search for a new narrative – one in which all people can find joy in liberation and self-actualization.

Palazzo Tiepolo Passi
Grand Canal, S. Polo, 2774, 30125 Venice

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Installation view: I’m Not Afraid Of Ghosts (17 April – 22 September 2024) at Palazzo Tiepolo Passi. Image courtesy of TCollection and Malevich.io. Photography by Marcin Gierat.
About TCollection

TCollection is a body of contemporary artworks assembled to ignite discussions surrounding identity, self-discovery, and the pulse of contemporary society. Founded by entrepreneur and passionate art collector Tatiana Fileva, the collection was created to
accommodate a diversity of opinion, media, and subject matter, placing the work of emerging and established artists in dialogue to spark rich conversations about the world around us. TCollection embraces work that references the history of art alongside inquiries into contemporary technology, popular culture, and current social and cultural issues.

TCollection affirms its core values of access, diversity, expression, and empathy through a body of work that cuts across gender, sexuality, age, race, and geography. The evolving collection illuminates collective beliefs via individual experience, creating opportunities for connection and the dissolution of barriers through art. The collection includes works by Cecily Brown, Jad. Fadojutimi, EwaJuszkiewicz, Sarah Lucas, Shota Nakamura, Tonia Nneji, Christina Quarles, Sanya Kantarovsky, Caroline Walker, Evgeny Antufiev, Joe Bradley, Alejandro Cardenas, Jordan Wolfson, Issy Wood and others.
About Palazzo Tiepolo Passi

Built in the mid-sixteenth century overlooking the central stretch of the Grand Canal, Palazzo Tiepolo Passi in the San Polo district retains an early Renaissance-style façade divided by
three string courses. On this façade are still visible the remains of frescoes painted by Andrea Meldola, called Lo Schiavone. As with most Venetian palaces, the architectural layout
is structured around a large central hall, which is enclosed by a series of elegantly decorated side rooms.

Occupying several rooms of the palazzo, I’m Not Afraid of Ghosts is presented as a modern counterpoint to the location’s
rich history. Set against the building’s decorative and vibrant interiors, the effect of the contemporary artworks and their contemporary message are strengthened and intensified by this
spatial dynamic of old-meets-new.

Installation view: I’m Not Afraid Of Ghosts (17 April – 22 September 2024) at Palazzo Tiepolo Passi. Image courtesy of TCollection and Malevich.io. Photography by Marcin Gierat.
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